Print on Demand

Print Poets print on demand services focus on one thing... and that's printing on apparel.

You know what that means?

We're pretty freaking good at what we do.

Three Important Things

There's a few things we don't do that are important for us to be upfront about.

  • We don't make you or your customers wait for weeks before orders ship.
  • We don't send another brands merchandise to your customer.
  • We don't suddenly change production deadlines forcing you to scramble.

Yeah, We're Confident

There's no doubt that we're confident. We have been on the brand side of things and are all too familiar with what a bad print on demand partner looks like.

That's the last thing we want to be.

When you utilize our print on demand services you can trust that we'll be treating your orders as if they are our own.

We May Not Say Yes

We know what a great client for us looks like. From order cadence to daily volume to the style of print... we know what a good match looks like.

If you'd like to see if what you have going on might be a great fit for us, please contact us here.