Contract Screen Printing

Hunting for a great contract screen printing partner? You're in the right place.

We heavily focus on quality, turnaround time and price. Three things that are likely important to you as well.

Chance are, you're here for one of two reasons.

  1. You've been using another contract printer and the relationship has exhausted you. You're tired of things such as misprints, spotty quality, delays, being undervalued, not receiving full orders, to name a few. Are we close?
  2. You just started a brand or are at the point that you realized there's better ways to print than using your local mom and pop shop. They are great shops, but don't always have the most capabilities and certainly don't have the competitive pricing you need. And bam, just like that, you stumbled on the hidden world of contract screen printing. Welcome!

Whatever brought you here, we're glad to have you.

Lets circle back and touch on those three things we mentioned early on.

Contract screen printing


We were in your shoes at one point. We relied on a 3rd party to get it right.

They would get the quality right sometimes, and they wouldn't others. As you likely know, it's the "other" times were excruciating.

There's simply nothing worse than opening a box of fresh product and hoping that things look ok. It just shouldn't be that way.

At Print Poets, we pride ourselves on quality. Our goal is deliver exactly what you want and to make you happy.

One point of differentiation that allows us to focus on quality more than other contract screen printers is that we don't accept business from everyone that contacts us. In fact, we turn down lots of business.

Yes, you read that right, we turn down lots of business. We aren't setting out to be the biggest and baddest print shop that has 8 gazillion square feet, 943 employees and 100 autos.

We simply want to work with great partners that appreciate what we have to offer, and one of those things is excellent quality.

Turnaround Times

We will keep this section short because time is money.

Given that we turn so much business away, the partners that we do choose to work with benefit from excellent turnaround times.

If it takes us two weeks to get you product we're going to be angry at ourselves. You send us the order. We print it. And get it back to you as quickly as possible.


From a contract screen printing standpoint, our focus on quality and turnaround times is part of what allows us to offer extremely competitive prices.

We have a unique manufacturing structure that's a flat out competitive advantage.

You know how most contract screen printers post those seemingly generic rates online? We tend to crush their prices. If you're wondering, no, we don't post the prices online because, to be frank, it makes other shops angry.

If you'd like to save on your contract screen printing complete the form below. We can't promise to take your business, but we would be happy to chat and see if we're a good fit.

Thanks for reading a little about Print Poets contract screen program.

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