Contract Hat Embriodery

Contract hat embroidery is one of our expertise here at Print Poets.

Yes, we embroider shirts as well, but we've found that hat embroidery is something our customers tend to come to us a lot for.

There are plenty of contract hat embroiderers you'll find online. Just Google and you'll quickly find a dozen or so. There are four key differences you'll find with working with Print Poets.

Contract Hat Embroidery Pricing

Hands down, you're going to like our pricing for contract hat embroidery.

The traditional method for hat embroidery pricing is that you have to sit and look crosseyed at a table trying to figure out where you fit from a pricing standpoint. We make things much simpler than that.

Many of our clients find that they save 20-30% when they work with us. No, that's not a typo. And no, it's not too good to be true. If you'd like to inquire about our simplistic pricing model, contact us here.

Quality is Key

When we run your job, we treat the product as if it was ours that we were sending to our end customer.

We want it to look great and be at or above the standard you are expecting. There's truly nothing worse than having someone do embroidery work for you only to find out that stitches have been missed or that there's excess thread in various places. This is especially horrifying if you drop ship to wholesale customers.

Simply put, quality is key when it comes to our contract hat embroidery.

Lower Minimums

Most of the companies you found when you searched for a contract hat embroider will require you to do a 24 piece minimum per design. That's their cup of tea, but it's not ours.

12 pieces tends to be our minimum. Yes, 12. Again, not a typo.

We understand that at times you might need hundreds of hats done, yet, at the same time, we also understand that something may come up and you might just need a dozen.

Yes, we're here to make a buck, but we don't want to be a crappy partner that forces you to sit on tons of stock you might not need.

We're Fast

We're not make it to 3rd base on the first date fast, but we will get your job done in a timely manor. If a job ever takes longer than five days we're getting annoyed with ourselves.

At Print Poets we aim to have contract hat embroidery jobs done in 3-4 days on average.

So there you have it, four great reasons to work with Print Poets.

How Can We Help?

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