Print Poets is a screen printing and fulfillment studio located in St. Louis, Missouri.

We treat our work like art and pay attention to the finer details.

You’ll quickly learn that we aren’t your average screen printing shop. There are three core reasons why:

  1. Quality of work. We aren’t a print mill, meaning, our goal in life isn’t to turn out 10,000 prints a day. When you’re doing that type of volume it’s nearly impossible to get it right. We aim to produce quality garments that you can be proud of. And this requires attention to detail.
  2. Price. Print Poets has the ability to offer extremely competitive pricing. This is primarily due to the fact that we have lower overhead and have a modern day workflow that allows us to be very efficient.
  3. We turn lots of business down. Because of our price advantage lots of folks come our way. But we are pretty picky when it comes to who we partner with. Job size, type job, timing… these are all things that impact our decision. We aim to help our partners create amazing products and aren’t burdened with the need to have 100’s of different clients.

Simply put, Print Poets is a screen printing studio that you’re going to absolutely love. We’re going to give you amazing products at an incredible value.

No matter if you are looking for a screen printer in St. Louis, Missouri or anywhere else, if we’ve made you curious… contact us here.